How do I transfer a whole module to another computer?

Ok, so I’ve got my local Head of Computing in the Secondary school where I work interested in having a look at the toolkit for his Games Design class ( about 15/16 yr olds). He’s looking for something to create good looking adventure/RPGs and it strikes me he’d go far to find a better one than this. It’d be a good opportunity to get some of his young lads ( good coders) interested in building using the toolkit.

My question is how can I let him see the short scenarios I’ve built so far on my iMac at home ? The school uses PCs. My problems are :

I bought the game through Steam and I’ve no idea how much of it is on my hard drive and how much it needs Steam to play.

Assuming I can log into Steam on his laptop, I’m guessing I can download the game onto his laptop as long as Im not playing on both machines simultaneously ?

If I can’t do that he’s willing to buy a copy of NWN to let me use it on his laptop. However, given that the EE is about £15 and NWN1 seems much cheaper would any modules I’ve created on EE still work on NWN1 ?

Finally, if we did get it working on his PC, which files do I need from my short build to get it working on his machine? I’m guessing its not enough just to stick the .mod file onto a pen drive?

After typing this it has occurred to me that some of these answers are maybe more applicable to the Steam forums but since I’m a member here and the advice I’ve had so far has been great I thought I’d try here first.

The modules you made are in the modules directory of the NWN folder in your Mac’s “my documents” folder. You can copy those files to a usb stick to move them. It is enough to just copy the mod files. (Since you don’t know where the files are I assume you can’t have made mods that require haks or a tlk table; if you had, you’d have to copy those as well.) The process for copying mods made in Steam is no different from the Beamdog version. The files are all put in the same place.

EE mods won’t play on vanilla (1.69) NWN. However, as long as you don’t use any EE-specific features, you can make a mod backward compatible by simply updating the version string in the module. You can info on how to do that here:

I’m not sure what the license rules are about installing your copy on someone else’s machine.

Thanks, Andarian.

As you suspected I don’t currently have the required knowledge to add Haks etc. So the module is pretty much from the included resources. As such it may well work so I’ll try it.

With regard to the licensing I’m pretty sure that downloading on two machines was permitted ( in fact that that was one of the benefits of using Steam) but that Steam itself would prevent both being logged in at the same time. However, it may be stipulated that you own both machines. Anyway, I would obviously check before setting down that route.

Once Steam has installed NWN on a machine, you can run NWN with Steam in offline mode.

So, if Steam allows installation on both machines, there’s just the ethical question. Not sure where Beamdog stand, but if I were in their shoes, I’d turn a blind eye to a demo with sales potential).

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Thanks, Proleric. Yeah, there’s no attempt to fiddle anything here. He’s a solid guy. He’ll either like it and buy some copies for his dept. or else delete it because he’s not interested.