How do I update?

I have neverwinter Diamond edition, and went to try adding a module from here. But it said I needed to update. Since I can’t even get the nwloader to activate on windows 10 (I had to do some work arounds to get the game to load at all) and I can’t find a way to update, is there a guide I can access to update this game so I can try out some mods?

As you have Diamond, the only way to update is to get the Enhanced Edition. It will probably be in the Steam sale when the sale launches in a few days.


You probably tried a NWN:EE module.
Diamond edition will load 1.69 modules, but not the higher versions.

The majority of modules are for 1.69.

Those which are for EE only generally say so, but occasionally fail to mention it.

Ok, I found one that would run but…

it was an endless blue field. "Bob's dungeon crawl" | The Neverwinter Vault

any way to correct this? is there some kind of terrain pack I am missing?

Seemingly you need an update … of your operating system.

The dungeon crawl starts on a small island in the nowhere. But you should see objects to interact with.

We’re forgetting something… the 1.69 critical rebuild is required to get Diamond Edition working properly.

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Thanks proleric. THAT was what I needed. I was confused because everything mentioned 1.69 and when I checked the version it was

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