How do you set script parameters in conversations?

NWN:EE has a new feature that lets you set script parameters on each node of a conversation, but I’m having a weird issue. That whole panel in the UI appears to be disabled for some reason (at least it doesn’t respond to clicks or typing). How do I re-enable that panel so I can set my script parameters?

It is a bit clunky indeed. You need to select a script first, then you need to click into the first field, type the script param name, then click into second cell and type param value.

After that you need to press the + button even if you only want to add one parameter. As othewise it will disappear when you change tab/node.

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…or you can simply reposition the cursor in another field before leaving the tab.

This is a more general solution, as the same bug exists in other EE toolset GUI panels.

Thanks for that explanation. I hadn’t seen the point of these particular parameters before but reading your explanation of how to set them made something click in my brain and now I get it.


The feature is awesome. I requested it myself :smiley: . Just the implementation is a bit bad, but surely something that can be improved.

The only drawback of using this is the fact that the module will not be backwards compatible with 1.69. I know that single player module creators care about that.

I might share my scripts using the parameters, but I am merely starting using this. But if nobody beats me to it, I’ll do it.

I made some examples here:

Tailored to my own requirements, but potentially re-usable.