How do you usually play NWN (controls/camera)?

I’m curious about other players preferences when it comes to controls and camera perspective. For example: Do you just use the mouse to navigate or WASD tank controls as well? Do you turn the camera by moving the mouse to the edges of the screen, by pressing middle mouse button, or by using the arrow keys? Do you use chase cam or not? Do you play zoomed in, maybe almost from a first person or over the shoulder perspective, or zoomed out as much as possible? Or do you constantly switch camera perspective? If you play on 1.69, do you use a camera hak to be able to zoom out (or in) more and turn the camera more freely?

I personnally do everything with the mouse, except of course when stuck in some narrow walkable area (where the engine can’t find any path): there, WASD are compulsory.
As for the camera, zoomed out as much as possible, so I can see from above and from the rear. I don’t recall having installed any camera hak, but it’s been a while since I last installed NWN.


My left hand controls character movement with WASD - I’ve set the W as walk, and the S as run (X is back up). My right hand controls the camera with my mouse. I usually click/hold the wheel to freely move the camera around my PC, but if the cursor is close to an edge I’ll nudge it that way too occasionally. I adjust the view as the situation changes, but I prefer closer and behind the PC. I enjoy an immersive experience, and like seeing the sky, the buildings, etc. I will sometimes scroll out, of course, but generally keep the camera close. Before EE, I always used camera hack for free camera movement.

Much the same as the above two posts. Over the shoulder and elevated 20-30 degrees usually. Constantly zooming in and out. It usually depends on the tileset I am exploring. I tend to zoom out a little when moving/exploring and scroll closer for combat. Area design and esthetics always play a role in my playing methods. Dull, uninspired areas usually make me scroll out to see as much as possible so I can just find the nearest exit out of them. :smiley:

I don’t recall the camera hak I use. It allows me to zoom in and out and even elevate to look almost straight up or down. I’ve had it installed for at least 10 years by now.

Constantly turning the camera via the center wheel click, scrolling in and out to see greater distances. I click for travel, will use WASD for some transitions and to maneuver myself around during combat. My left hand (thumb) is constantly flashing the Tab key during movement to expose interactable objects.

I would probably appear to an observer, to have some sort of ADHD or neurological disorder…


That’s pretty close to how I handle it myself, except for me it’s the pinky or the ring finger that’s constantly pressing down the Tab key, and the other fingers of the left hand rest loosely on WASD (thumb near SPACE). But I mostly navigate with the mouse as well and change camera angles all the time via MMB.

This is part of what made me start the thread, because I’m currently playing the Tyrants of the Moonsea DLC for the EE and it makes use of some awesome community tilesets that I haven’t seen before in single player modules, but I’m always torn between zooming in and out. On the one hand it’s a pity to zoom out that much and not look closer at the beautiful tilesets and get immersed, on the other hand NWN seems more suited to be played from a slightly overhead perspective since it’s mostly a mouse controlled game and from up close it’s hard to orientate yourself and spot the points of interest. Plus, the new tilesets often have a lot of high walls and trees with canopies, but are not compatible with the Hide Second Story Tiles options, so all these things get in the way of the camera. :frowning_face:

Always in third person, close to the character, like most modern rpgs, which is why I am so finicky of graphics in NWN. Never liked isometric cameras. They seem like a vestige of an older age to me.

Ouch :grinning:. I use thumb to toggle the GUI panels and switch between inventory tabs. And chase camera as I find it striking the good balance between top and driving cameras (less hand strain, less sharp turns, a bit woozy).

I always play with the top down camera. Anything else gives me motion sickness. It wasn’t always that way for me. Back in the days of DOOM, Heretic, Hexen, DOOM II, Quake, and Hexen II I used to spend hours and hours playing first person perspective. Not anymore. Middle Age sucks. And for similar reasons, I use the mouse to navigate.

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