How Does One Create Tilesets & Placeable Haks?

Is there a tutorial or program that I would need to try and artistically create unique content?
I’m sooo late to this party but so interested in how this is done now. Curious as to how I’d get started.
Hope you & yours are all safe and healthy! Betters days ahead, I’m sure!

I’d start with the Custom Content Guide for an overview of how new art assets are added to the game.

2D art can be created with many standard tools. I believe GMax/NWMax and Blender are popular for 3D modelling, for those who have the skills.

It’s probably best to identify a specific starter project - e.g.make a new creature, portrait or whatever - to avoid information overload initially. Cherry-pick tutorials that will help with that project from the large collection at NWN University.


Starting with a specific starter project is very good advice. You probably don’t want to start with creatures because those are the hardest to make, especially if you add custom animations and they are skinmeshed.
By far the easiest things to make are placeables. It’s a good idea to start with those.