How many modules are on the vault?

Have we got any stats on how many modules are on the vault both for NWN1 and NWN2?

Almost 4,100 module projects. The actual number of modules is higher though because some projects have more than one module.



Of which 3767 module projects are NWN1.


Sad but true…

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I knew NWN1 had more module projects than NWN2 but wasn’t expecting it to be so disproportional!

Is there a page somewhere on the vault with these stats?

Go to the vault main page
-> choose projects in the uppermost row
-> click Neverwinter Nights 2
-> choose Module in the pull-down menu
-> Make sure First Release is set to “Any”

This results in a page count of 7.
Doing the same for Neverwinter Nights results in a page count of 76.

But I don’t know how many modules of both NWN and NWN2 are still to be migrated from the old IGN Vault,


There are modules on Nexus that aren’t here also.

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The directories mined from IGN’s NWN Vault for modules show the following -

6,390 individual NWN1 module directories.
529 individual NWN2 module directories.



Oh! I didn’t know that! :hushed: Where can I find those, on the Nexus? :slightly_smiling_face:

All of those are rookie numbers not taking into account:

  1. NWN vs NWN:EE have different categories
  2. International and Gameworld subcategories do not count in plain modules category

All of that gives about 4250 NWN and about 100 NWN:EE modules.
Some campaigns were consolidated into a single entry, some might still be not migrated.

Outside the vault there is Nexus, Mod DB, Steam and some individual blogs etc.
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