How much is it worth to develop content for NWN2 today?

It is very flattering on your part, however it would be more appropriate that the authors ask me in the first place.

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That’s my aim too … but it is MUCH harder to achieve if you intend to do it well. I set that as an aim from day one, and only now am I starting to feel reasonably comfortable with respect to MP situations. I had to make a lot of changes to the way everything is handled, from journal entries, conversations, transitions … a lot … too much to mention in a single post. I can say that I do not think it would be easy to “fix” or “alter” a module to accommodate MP, as it really does have to be considered from Day 1 of its design.

That said, I have released The Scroll as MP compatible for those that may like to see what is involved. This is how my friends and I like to play. In testing, I have played as a DM as they played as PCs. Our next aim is to all play as PCs, so I can get to play as a PC. :slight_smile:

Cheers, Lance.

Lance, we’ll give your mod a go!

Speaking of modules not fully compatible with mp, my group is currently going through the OC. We actually use a DM sometimes and add a side quest here and there using already played through areas.

Regarding BGR, we abandoned our playthrough. Having the itch to play BG, I finished BG:EE using my tablet. Great fun.


Hey, that would be excellent!

If and when you do, please keep me updated with anything you think is an issue, because you would be totally fresh feedback outside of my own group for MP feedback.

You would have my 100% support to ensure it works OK for you.

Just keep me updated.

Thanks, Lance.

Hi, for what it’s worth I always love seeing new content whatever it is. I’m about to upload a package of things I’ve built recently and I am planning to start my own module here as soon as I get a cheap PC so I can run the toolset (as Lance knows I’m a Mac guy). Hey even in 2020 people (me) are learning to script for the first time. Those of us still playing NWN2 are pretty committed to it.