How to Access Text Files?

How do i access text files using 180 Version of NWN Exploerer modified for enhanced Edition ? I want to see what the dummied content from The Second Expansion is about, that and i want to see certain text without replaying it several times.

Export, then view in a text editor.

Notepad++ is a popular free one, as it has lots of features.

Sections you want to browse often could be cut-and-pasted into a new text file.

Main website here. Only downside is it’s Windows only.


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Best cross-platform alternatives: Sublime Text 3 or Atom.

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What is “best” is subjective, but there are dozens of articles on “X Notepad++ alternatives”. Like this one or this one (though some of them include programs not really intended for average users, like Vim or NetBeans :laughing:), so anyone should be able to find a tool for their needs.

Thx Captain Obvious.

i use

  • NetBeans for c++ it’s a fullblown IDE w/ VCS [version control system] integration which is very handy for seeing previous versions (git, etc.) right in the IDE
  • SharpDevelop for c# (no longer maintained but at least it’s not VS  ;)
  • and Geany for NwScript mini-IDE (difficult to set up but i love it)
  • ConTEXT (a fixed build the link to which has long been lost – obsolete but i like it) as a so-called programmer’s editor for writing quick scripts
  • Notepad++ as a text editor, which is overkill for a text editor but it does a pretty good search/replace through multiple files, etc.
  • Notepad for scratch notes, eg. this post
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