How to apply ERF files?

Hi, first post here.

I’ve recently picked up NWN:EE and am going through the basics of module creation. I’ve stumbled on *.erf files (and possibly some scripting issue?) which I’d appreciate if someone could guide me through…

I’ve created a mini test module and decided to setup a Troll encounter. I wanted to give the creature a “bite”, if you will, so when I found SwedishElk’s 3rd Edition Troll, I decided to download it and import the ERF file. My issue is, I’m not sure how to use it ^_^; How am I supposed to make the vanilla NWN Trolls behave like the one created by SwedishElk (basically, only killable by fire/acid) through the ERF file?

Is this too complex for a helping hand? Hopefully someone can help me :slight_smile:

After importing the erf file you need to have the area where you are going to paint the troll open in the toolset. On the right side of the toolset you will see all the blueprints available for your module. Hovering the mouse-pointer over each icon will reveal a tooltip that reveals what type of thing is under each one. Click on the creatures one. You will see a choice of two buttons to click - Standard and Custom. Click on the Custom one. Your troll should be found under Monsters/Giants/Trolls.

BTW have you looked at this list of tutorials with links? For just starting out building you will probably find this one the most useful.


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Hi Tarot_Redhand!

Thank you - I think I was mistakenly calling for the standard Troll to be loaded in the spawn, and not the custom one. I feel like an idiot now ^_^;

Also, thank you very much for the links! Best regards. :slight_smile: