How to change a tile's "walking" sound?

Is it possible to change the type of sound made by PCs/NPCs walking across a given tile from, say, wood to grass in the .mdl and/or .wok ascii files?
If so, how might this be done?
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Mr T

If you want to change the footstep sounds from one type to another for a whole tile (or even a bunch of tiles) - say from grass to snow - you can use CleanModels (ee version, older version). You need to check the “Change walkmesh material” option and know the 2da (I think surfacemat.2da ?) row numbers for both materials.

There was also a wok editor on the old vault, which allowed to change the footstep sounds. It was however a bit cumbersome to use and prone to crash. I did a quick search here, but wasn’t able to find it. Maybe someone has still a copy lying around and could upload it?

Or you could use nwmax or blender, of course.

Many thanks, Mr Boodah, I’d never seen that facility in CM3.5 before since I don’t use it all that much.
Weirdly, when I tried converting from 5 (wood) to 3 (grass) the sound changed to stone (4)!!
I then ran the models through again (converting from 4 to 3) and - Yay! - success!!
So thanks once again for your help,
Mr T

if you want to change the sound a particular material makes on a global level, rather than for a single specific tile, you can edit footstepsounds.2da.

Is the .wok format documented anywhere?

I have a (somewhat incomplete) format description for .mdl, but nothing for .wok.

Reason for asking is that it’s often very much easier to edit an ascii model with a text editor.

Thanks fellas,
Xorbaxian - Right you are, but I just wanted to port some of Quevy/Estelindis’s elven home tiles into the CTP elven exterior tileset and not have them on platforms. So the non-global approach worked for me.
Proleric - I’ll bet I’ve got the same .mdl document as you, but nothing for .wok, alas. I wish I did, because I do ALL my tileset tinkerings with Notepad & NWN Explorer. And now, thanks to Boodah, CM3.5!!! :smile:

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@Proleric, @pturner20 : i’ve got a pretty comprehensive doc on models that i kiped … er… ‘salvaged’… from the old ’ Worlds of NeverWinter’ site [now defunct]. lmk if you don’t have it already and want it ; if so, i’ll u/l it to the vault.
amongst other things, one of the pages describes the face format, which includes a full xref of all of the material id’s.

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That sounds better than what I have, so, please, by all means post.

Does it include the .wok?

no, there’s nothing specifically about the .wok file format or the in-game walkmesh structure, but walkmeshes are mentioned in the parts about what terrain is walkable and how that affects the game.

i’ve uploaded it here.

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Another global way to change walkmesh sounds is to edit surfacemat.2da and change the sound there. I did that with the module I’m working on so that I my grass sounds like snow as I’ve taken @Toro 's lead and enabled grass in the SoU Winter Rural tileset. I’ve also added @Symphony 's snow footstep FX too.

Don’t forget the Foggy Breath VFX and Snow Shoes from the CCC 2011 Dec: Winter.


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Yeah, I’ll definitely be diving into that as my module is a winter module.