How to change character appearance

Hey peeps, im a long time NWN/NWN2 player and I recently come back to NWN2 when it was on sale on GOG.

I want to change the appearance of a character to look like a wererat but I dunno how to do it. I know this is probably old but how do I do that?

I tried the Set Appearance debug command but it does not work. And I dont know the Wererats ref ID, ik the werewolves one is 171 but i dunno the wererats.

Anyone know the command or some other way to change appearance and the wererats ID?

Much appreciated.

even if you have mystery’s of Westgate?

Well either way, does anyone know HOW to change appearance?

// 'setappearance'
    Console script. Right-click target a creature first

    instructions: Place this script in /Override, open the toolset and compile
    it. Then run it from the console

    debugmode 1
    rs setappearance(171)
    debugmode 0

    Appearance Types (see Appearance.2da)

    NOTE: -1 (iType) = get appearance id (instead of set appearance)

void main(int iType)
    object oTarget = GetPlayerCurrentTarget(OBJECT_SELF);
    if (GetIsObjectValid(oTarget) && GetObjectType(oTarget) == OBJECT_TYPE_CREATURE)
        if (iType > -1)
            SetCreatureAppearanceType(oTarget, iType);
                            "<c=blue>(setappearance) current= "
                            + IntToString(GetAppearanceType(oTarget)) + "</c>");
    else SendMessageToPC(GetControlledCharacter(OBJECT_SELF),
                         "<c=red>ERROR: (setappearance) Target a creature.</c>");

i have no idea what the ramifications would/will be … but my toon changed into a werewolf. (Wererat models don’t appear to ship with NwN2, although they might/should be available in add-on packs)

I’ll give that a try m8

Ill update u if it works

I would open the Mysteries of Westgate to see if there are blueprints of Were-rats in there. Since they are in the module.

oh? how do you do that? You mean in the toolset?

Nevermind, I got it working ^^ thanks for the tips, still dunno how to get Wererats ID but least I can change appearance :stuck_out_tongue:


updated script (above) with a getter (-1)

A question that is in the same ballpark, I think.

Is it possible, through scripting, to change the appearance of hair upon a character? I thought it might be cool if a character would get a haircut, if one could change the hair, just to another number, of the hairstyles that are available for that character’s race and gender. Or if maybe the character is a woman and she wants to let her hair down, for example…
As far as I can tell, that is not possible. It seems that you can only change the character’s appearance to another species, but maybe kevL_s or travus or some other script wizard here can make it happen?

Of course one could make a new blueprint and just change the character that way, but if it is a companion, then maybe one would like it if all the items the character are carrying, and the level of the character, doesn’t change, and that would probably happen if one was to do a new blueprint.

I’m just asking. NWN2 toolset probably wasn’t made to do these kind of things…

am not sure about anything specific, but in general nwn2 didn’t re-implement the functions that nwn1 has wrt/ model parts.

eg. Charlie’s Item Appearance Changer has to jump through hoops and use prepared blueprints just to change the color of an armor

Various model-related functions still appear in NwScript.nss … but I think nwn2 changed the model-format itself, so the functs do na work

This may not be a practical solution. I am not a toolset proficient player, but would helmets with various styles of hair be a functional workaround for you, Andgalf? I am not even sure that would work but the thought occurred to me so I figured I would toss it out there.

Thanks for the reply, kevL_s!

That’s an interesting idea, Quixal. But then you would have to somehow transfer hairstyles to helmets, and I have no clue how to do that…but maybe it’s possible? Would one have to and edit some 2da files then also?

If I understood you correctly, this’s what you want:


Sorry. I realize I’ve seen this before, I just didn’t remember it. Thanks for the reminder, Aqvilinus. I’ll give it a try.

I just looked into it and I feel really dumb but I don’t understand this sentence:
“To use, edit the HairToHelm.ini file to have your module name, your NWN2 install directory, your NWN2 home directory, and the folder you want to output the helm models to.”
Eh…so the ini file should be named for instance mymodule.ini (if let’s say that is my module name), or is it supposed to be named for instance My Documents/Neverwinter Nights 2/Modules/mymodule, or what? I don’t get it.