How to change gui panel/death 50 exp to my own?

I got my death and respawn system pretty brutal with 200 exp loss per level and 50% gold loss ((Well real dnd was perma i heard)) so i was wondering how to change the gui death panel im lost like hell? It still says default stuff ahah

Take a look at this:

PopUpDeathGUIPanel on the NWN Lexicon

Thanks owe you one :):blush:

Damn i can’t figure out where to put this in ondeath i get errors etc :frowning:

Can you post your code? Then we can take a look at it.

Omg there is no code because i don’t know where to call it, is it ondeath event i modify? Ondying? etc… I tried voiding it from the link above but nothing worked in ondeath event etc

The “PopUpDeathGUIPanel” goes in the module’s OnDeath event. I am not certain you even need to alter the default script there since I believe the Respawn button is enabled by default, though you could if you wanted to, e.g., alter the message given on death. For example, a simple OnDeath script would be:

object oPC=GetLastPlayerDied(); DelayCommand(1.5,PopUpDeathGUIPanel(oPC,TRUE,FALSE,0,"You're dead. Respawn penalties are 200 XP per level and half your gold."));

You need a separate script in the “OnPlayerRespawn” event to control what actually happens when a player hits the respawn button. To do what you are describing, probably all you would need to do is alter a couple numbers in the “ApplyPenalty” function in the default respawn script (“nw_o0_respawn”).


Thank you so much i was so confused, I will learn !!!

It works theres only one issue i don’t get the: Wait for help button anymore :frowning:

To enable that change the “FALSE” in my example to “TRUE”

In the “PopUPDeathGUIPanel” function, the first “TRUE” enables the respawn button (if you wished to prevent respawning altogether you could change that to FALSE) and the second enables (or disables, if set to false) the “Wait for help” button.

Thanks :D!!!