How to change scripts like "inc" in Infinite Dungeons?

I’m editing a script like inc_id_traps (to make the traps more deadly, IDGetTrapDamageClass function). Save changes in the module. But no impact on the game.
Everything is fine with usual scripts.
So how can I make changes to inc scripts in ID?
Usually need to save the script that includes the current inc script. But does not affect the ID.

When modifying include scripts, ie. scripts that doesn’t have void main() or int StartingConditional() in them you need to re-compile all scripts that are including them. If you know which scripts are these and if there is not a lot of them you can open them and re-compile and re-save them, if that is not the case use Build option and check only recompile all scripts.

Thanks for the answer. I found, recompiled and re-saved all dependent scripts, but it didn’t make any result.
Only 3 these scripts have the line #include “inc_id_traps”
As I understand it, ID use the LocalInt`s system. Thus, the results of “inc_id_traps” work can be obtained by any other script from LocalInt and without the #include “inc_id_traps” line.
By the way, where can I find “Build option and check only recompile all scripts”?

In the menu at the top of the toolset there is an item marked build (I’ve highlighted in red in this picture)

build 1

which when clicked gives you 4 options

build 2

The one you want is Build Module which should open a dialogue box that you can then set the recompile scripts option.


Wait, you mentioned ID, are you trying to get these changes inside single player save game? That won’t work because save game is making a copy of module and once you start some SP module/campaign changes into that module will have no effect.

If that is not the case then either:

  • you missed scripts using this (unlikely if you used search in files)
  • you forgot to compile them (also unlikely)
  • the change you did was wrong thus you see no effect
  • scripts are overriden by version in hak/override thus any changes have no effect

Thanks for answers. I found the reason. It looks like inc_id_traps only affects traps in drop. The parameters of the active dungeon traps are in

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