How to change the screen color like is done in the Plane of Shadows in MoTB?

As the title says, in MoTB when you enter in the Shadow version of Mulstantir, everything is gray except for the UI, i opened the module and everything looks normal, no gray color.

I used this effect in the MotB Makeover as well. I’ll see if I have it in my notes.

i think it has something to do with DesaturateColor

Shadow Mulsantir has it ticked for its Default Day/Night cycle

it also has Day-Night Cycle false ( so the area stays on the Default stage )

note also DesaturateFactor


I haven’t found my notes but I vaguely recall it having to do with the tints. You can export an area’s tints and then import them. Try that using the tints from one of the with the shadow plane areas.



KevL_s and Kaldor Silverwand are both right, I did this for one of my mods and I just checked what part of the default settings were changed for two areas, one in the underworld ( black and white ) and the other not ( in colour ). I changed desaturate to on and changed the sky and sun moon setting tints.

The easiest way to do it is to open an area in Shadow Mulsantir, go to it’s properties, hit export properties, environment settings, select day night cycle stage default, call it what you want and export it. Then do the reverse in your mod by importing to the default day night setting.

Then you can fiddle about with the default settings if you want but be warned it doesn’t come up black and white in the toolset. To test your settings you could make a 1 area test mod, and fiddle with the settings whilst jumping in and out of it in the game until you get what you want.