How to create creature for nwn2?

how to create creature for nwn2.

1 need create a model and texture
all clear but
how to create this map?

2.create animations
question is it possible to use
blender 2.8. or need an older one?
What animations need create? and how to name them correctly?
how to create?
How to export a model with animations?
can i use
blender 2.8 and export via nwn2mdk-0.8?
how to create?
how to create this file?
how to create?
Ncs how to open?
What to change? What to write?

  1. I personally use, but a lot prefer Gimp (both are free).
  2. You can use Blender and Freshlook’s tool.
    As far as naming is concerned, you’ll get the information you need here.
    Of course, this assumes you know how to animate a model.
  3. See 1 or 2 above, depending on what you use.
  4. and 5. Open the toolset, create your blueprint, then save it.
    If you don’t know how to do that, don’t hesitate to read rjshae’s guide. I didn’t read any of the tutorials here after, but they may help you too. Just check them out here and there.
  5. ncs files are the compiled versions of nss files (so you can’t read them without the text version [nss]). As far as coding is concerned, don’t hesitate to read rjshae’s guide (see above).
  6. 2da, wide subject… Well, start with this NWN2 wiki (it lists most of them, and usually details the contents of the 2da files).
    If you intend to release (upload) new content, don’t forget to check what rows are free here.

4760,thank you very much for your help!
it is a very inspiring .
I use krita (it’s free and blender 2.8.1
1 I meant
I don’t really understand how to create this card, it looks something like a transparency card or some kind of mask (like in Photoshop)
Of course, I can fill the uv with red, but
I would like to know a more accurate way to create this map. if anyone knows.
In general, everything seems to be clear.
Thank you very much for your help !

Yes, it’s a mask.
Each model in NWN2 uses two textures (dds or tga) at least: one for the diffuse map (to show the basic colors ot the model) and the normal maps (to simulate the light effects on bumps and hollow parts).
Two other textures can be used (but these two are not compulsory): a tint map, and a glow map.
What you’re interested in is the tint map.
Let’s take an example, with a minotaur:

Left: no tint --> diffuse colors only | right: horns, legs and body tinted

To achieve this, this minotaur model has three textures:

diffuse texture

normal map: see how the veins on the arms or the fur on the thighs are highlighted?

tint map: see the red, green and blue patches?
That’s where the color you select for skin, armor 1 and armor 2 will add to the diffuse texture. And yellow being 255 red, 255 green and 0 blue, the nose will be affected by both the skin and the first armor color.


4760,thank you very much for your help!
Thanks so much for the explanation.
i almost understand how it work
my mind don’t want work :laughing:

you can use blender for the whole workflow (modeling, sculpting, rigging, animating, texturing, baking). if you’re done you export as .fbx and use freshlook’s tools, which 4760 linked already, to convert your file to nwn2’s native .mdb and .gr2 files. his tools can also reverse the process which is helpful if you want to know how you have to setup your model for export. or if you need an existing skeleton for rigging.

in fact you can use any digital content creation package for nwn2 as long as it can import/export to .fbx. if you want to use the “official” plugin obsidian released years ago you have to use 3dsmax vers. 6-8 to get it running.

when using blender i suggest to use the latest 2.90 alpha build. there the multires modifier for sculpting was overhauled - for example sculpting on different subdivision levels now works without issues.


Good to know! It’s still in alpha stage though, I’m gonna wait a little before getting it.

good thing is you can have multiple versions of blender installed. keep the stable release and try the latest build to help find bugs or test its stability with your usual workflow.

4760 already gave a detailed answer. I would like to provide links to guides that have helped me a lot.
Creating New Life with the Expotron and Max
Armor Reskinning Tutorial - clear guide that will help in understanding the process of working with textures


Thanks to all!
now I’m trying to figure out 2da now

2das are plain lookup tabels, two-dimensional arrays. you can either edit them with excel, directly inside the toolset, a text editor or with any standalone tool the community created over the years.

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Strange, I tried to repeat everything but it doesn’t work for me. Maybe someone knows where the error is?
so the order of my actions
1.created a texture model and skeleton.
2. Converted models to MDB. textures to DSS
3. edited 2DA (text file)
4.and placed (model,skeleton,textures,edited 2DA) in override
5.i try search in create creature blueprint
but my model missing.

Just to be sure:
3. Your appearance.2da file is not a .2da.txt file, right?
Assuming it is the case, you don’t have any other appearance.2da in a sub-folder of your override? And you don’t try to create the blueprint in a module which uses a hak?
5. Obviously you won’t find the blueprint before you created it. To make sure everything is set correctly, open any existing blueprint (say, “Bevil”), place it in an area and change the appearance (for Bevil, from “N_Human”) to c_wez. Normally Bevil will now look like c_wez.
If you can’t see the new creature, make sure your mdb and the model (in Blender or 3ds max) wear the same name c_wez_cl_body01.
Something else that could make your creature invisible is a scaling issue. Try with 0.01,0.01,0.01 or 100,100,100 (if the skeleton is too big or too small, you won’t be able to see anything).

Also, remember that BodyType = 1 means the creature uses two or more mdb (body + head, wings, tail)
If c_wez is fully defined in a single c_wez_cl_body01.mdb file, just put 0 in the BodyType column.


i have file appearance.2DA
BodyType = 1 i fixed thanks
Maybe the animation is called wrong. Or file names.
I found my model and it does not appear

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Did you follow the naming convention (refer to the pdf I linked in my post replying to your question #2)?
Basically, what you should at least have in your override right now:

  • c_wez_cl_body01.mdb (in which the model has the same name)
  • c_wez_skel.gr2
  • c_wez_una_idle.gr2 (the default idle animation for unarmed stance)
  • a diffuse texture (dds or tga)
  • a normal map (dds or tga)

I found a mistake
I forgot to convert
skeleton in gr2 (for some reason
I can not convert)
I just took fbx and open as (use program converter fbx to Mdb)
but for some reason does not convert (or am I doing something wrong.i don’t get mdb or gr2 files .
i use plugin for blender and converted all to mdb.i forget about gr2 format )
i forget part cl_body
OF course converter doesn’t work =(me =did not even read the description)
i mean all work because i read finaly :laughing:

Many thanks for help! :laughing: :rofl:


which plugin do you use? this one? that’s rjshae’s update to an old plugin and only works for static meshes or creatures rigged to nwn2’s vanilla skeletons.

if you want to create a custom creature with a whole new skeleton you have to use freshlook’s tool 4760 linked in the second post of this thread. if you follow this link you can also find another link to its documentation. freshlook’s tool is no plugin for blender but a separate converter.


I know
that there are 2 tools
just because I’m very inattentive
I could not create gr2 and convert fbx to Mdb using Freshlook’s tool.
and i use Mdb plugin to convert fbx to Mdb
it’s in past :hamburger:
All right !
i finaly can use full power Freshlook’s tool. :laughing:
It remains only to deal with animations and with 2Da

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it’s difficult to understand where your problem is right now. you are using freshlook’s tool but it does not create .gr2 files? does your mesh has a skeleton and is weighted to the bones? did you bake animations while exporting to fbx? did you follow the electron (nwn2) engine’s limitations?

further details can be found here.
afaik there’s an additional limitation of 3 bones per vertex. there’s also an option in blender to set the maximal number of bones per vertex to help with that.

to see how this all works you can also extract one of nwn2’s animations and root skeleton from nwn2\data\ and a fitting model .mdb from nwn2\data\ select all three files and run them through the nw2fbx.exe to create an fbx file to be imported to blender.

When using Freshlook’s tool, one should always check the log file for errors.

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