How to create custom class package for levelling up?

I’m looking at thousands of builds at and it’s annoying to look again at the sheet every time after level up what skills and feats to take next. I have an idea just not sure if it is easy to implant? Would be possible to export the build from and copy-paste and create a custom class package for level up? So you can just click the button RECOMENED after a level up and these feats and skills and even classes would be selected automatically. Especially would be a relief for SOZ when you want to level up all 4 characters and for everyone, you need to alt-tab and look at the sheet at nwn2db. Pictures below. Any ideas?

First you need to add a new line in packages.2da
then you must set the corresponding values. In this case class_id would be 58 (Favored Soul) as it’s the class picked on first level that counts for packages.
Then you need to make 3 new 2das, one for the automatically picked spells, one for the feats and one for the skills. The one for equipment you can just copy it from the other Favored Soul packages.

To see how to properly make those 3 2da, copy and rename the following 2das, you will see inside how to change the values, it should be intuitive, but I think that the higher the feat the higher the priority and so on.

packspfavsoul1.2da (spells)
packftfavsoul1.2da (feats)
packskfavsoul1.2da (skills)

You can start from there.


It works on paper but in reality not very functional as I thought. This only okay for a single class but nearly impossible to configure auto-selection with multiclass from any build from nwn2db as it is too complicated. Feats are okay but for skills, it’s not possible to limit how much to put into a single skill how many points by level. Thank you anyways!

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