How to create Custom file TLK for my content?(solved)

Hi all.
Thank you in advance!
How to create Custom file TLK for my content?

so my actions

  1. open take the original tlc and make a copy
  2. edit a copy of the tlc (add my own lines with text)
  3. take original tlc and save somewhere on hard drive
  4. put the new tlc in the game folder

Everything works for me, but I’m not sure if this method is correct.

  • Did I do everything right?
  • or you create your user tlc files differently.
  • If you know any other options, please describe.

Thank you in advance!
Many thanks!

there are others who’ve done more with <custom>.Tlk files than me, but here’s my take

The Dialog.Tlk file is NOT a ‘custom’ Tlk … (some people edit it but it should be considered stock and left untouched unless ya know what yer doin etc)

A true custom Tlk is a user-created file that gets attached to, or associated with a module that you’re building. Broadly speaking, it can be named whatever you like w/ extension .tlk

And it goes in the builder’s/players’ MyDocs/NwN2/tlk folder.

strrefs (string references) to the custom tlk appear to start at 0 in an editor such as TlkEdit2, like they do in Dialog.Tlk, but actually they start at 16,777,216 (2^24). That is, the reference to string #0 in your custom tlk file is 16777216 (when referenced in, say, a dialog or .2da).

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Hi kevL_s. Thanks for answer, but i need some help.
i tried create custom tlk but it’s don’t shows in game
my actions

  1. open copy Tlk then create new tlk(in tlk editor)
  2. i use Tlk ranges 301001 302499
  3. i write in string 0 new tlk
  4. i write in string 1 new tlk
  5. then i change 2da file
  6. i write in 2da file string 0 i write 301001
  7. i write in 2da file string 1 i write 301002
  8. then put tlk in tlk folder
  9. put 2da file to override

but it dosn’t work.why?
Need to attach tlk to module?
i just trying make tlk for nwn2 original company ,mask of the betrayer & storm of zehir
what i’m doing wrong?

I don’t know nothing about NWN 2 but in NWN1 the tlk needs to be attached to the mod. I assume it’s pretty much the same in NWN 2.

do you want to add strings that will appear in OC/MotB/SoZ ?

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Hi kevL_s

do you want to add strings that will appear in OC/MotB/SoZ ?

wait you wanna say this is my option this is the only way? did i understand correctly?

we have a bit of language (terminology/semantics) issue …

you say “custom” tlk but to add strings to OC/MotB/SoZ you probably shouldn’t use a “custom” tlk. A “custom” tlk is a file created from nothing (basically) that a builder of a 3rd party module/campaign can add …

But since you want to add strings to the official game, that I assume should appear when playing one of the official expansions … then adding your ‘custom’ strings to the standard Dialog.Tlk in the installation folder is the easiest way to do it.

in your first post it sounds like you have things working yes?

But if you really want to create a (true) Custom tlk file that is different …

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Hi kevL_s
Many thanks for your help!
im think for my project i use this simple way.(which i described)

I have another question
when i created custom tlk and tryed attach tlk to my module.
i writed tlk name and use verify button .
this screenshot from toolset
custom Tlk

but custom tlk don’t work .
when module start up tlk string ref don’t shows in my spell
i think tlk don’t attached to my module.
Someone know how to fix this?
Thank you in advance!

i suggest keeping the filename lowercase (both in the toolset slot and on your hardrive).

lol.tlk should be in your MyDocs-> /tlk folder

And wherever you reference the first string at [id=0] use “16777216”


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Hi kevL_s

custom tlk
\Documents\Neverwinter Nights 2\tlk\LOL.tlk

i add screenshot later
what i’m doing wrong?

donno… im not experienced on custom tlks… i just know they aren’t bugged since lots of peeps have used them

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don’t worry kevL_s
i hope someone help me or i find answer by myself .
anyway. Many thanks!
if someone know solution, please write here
Thank you in advance!

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Did you change the values 301001 to 302499 to 16777216 to 16777216+1498 in your 2da?

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hi 4760
i solved my problem by myself.
my custom tlk for custom module works fine.

Many thanks to everyone who posted in the topic
and tried to help me!

maybe i make video how to make custom tlk