How to custom auto level up characters faster?

I like to test a lot of character builds from but I find it overwhelming especially if I play with 4 custom character party in SOZ, levelling and spending 5-10 minutes each time by looking what skills to put and what feats to take every time for each character is pretty overwhelming.

Is it possible somehow to edit character packages and pre-build what skills, feats and class to take on each level up by clicking “Recommend” button? For example some packages some classes have upon creating character, if you choose “Weapon Master” package every level up upon clicking “Recommend” button leads you auto select exact skills and feats to get you Weapon Master prestige class. Also companions are also pre-built (of course not in the best selection patch).

Any ideas how to save more time to level up all party with various builds, especially if party more than 4 players?

While it’s possible to edit the packages, the system doesn’t offer the level of control specific builds likely require - it works on a simple ranked priority system, so for example, if you want a specific amount in a skill, but no more, it would not know when to stop.

Moreover, you only get to choose a package for your starting class, and any classes beyond the first will just use the default package for that class (which, you could also edit, but it might conflict with different characters requiring the same class during the same playthrough).

If you still want to have a look at them, packages.2da is where you want to start.

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You are right, basically it’s not possible to achieve desired goal, especially if character is multi-class, not even saying about specific skill distributions… The closest to make easiest and fastest way I can think of is to write separate each character/build on the paper level by level 1lvl feat XX, skills +XX, +ZZ,+YY, 2lvl feat YY, skills +XX,+ZZ and so on and put next to the monitor for quick look. Thanks for your reply!

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