How to effectively remove spells

Hello everyone,
I have made a few edits to my spells.2da in order to remove certain spells from the base game, but it seems that I am not doing this correctly.

I am hoping one of the wizards here can tell me what the best method is to remove some spells from the game! Thank you in advance.

You mean entirely or just to be used by the player?

The intent is to remove Raise Dead from the game.

The best way I figured how to do this is to move the required spell level to a level out of range of the server. In other words, on a level 10 max server, simply moving Raise Dead to being a 6th level spell slot for clerics is sufficient. I assume that putting **** in each class for the Spells.2da actually removes it from the game entirely, but I’m not brave enough to try that now that I have it working. :slight_smile:

I assume this would just disable casting the spell. Scrolls and Items do not depend on casting level.

I would probably use the script “x2_pc_umdcheck” to filter a specific spell out.