How to extract all CEP 2.. weapon models?

Give me some advice please, I am almost losing my mind. I’m not planning to add CEP haks to a specific module, I want to make new weapon models permanent (like I did with new robes) by keeping them in /patch directory.
After some time I learned that weapon and item models located in Core0-7 haks, but there are thousands of them! Tables, plants, flowers, wheels, etc. It would be much easier if all weapon models were stored in one hak.


I’d try dumping all the CEP hak contents into one folder and searching for the weapon models using their prefix, as defined in baseitems.2da. The naming scheme ought to stay consistent for the models and the inventory icons. So if you’ve got all the files in a folder, and search for “wswss”, for example, you should find all the shortsword models and inventory icons, and any textures set up under the weapon type name, too.

There might be differently-named textures for some of the models, though, which you’d have to pick out manually. :-/ It’s gonna be a hassle.

Fingers crossed that somebody else knows an easier way.

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Thanks, was a good idea to use search by itemcode. I found 6000 .mdl and .tga files. No .dds files, so new parts are without textures.
And longswords missing more than 10 models.

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