How to extract the standard palette items from the game?

Please could you explain to me how to do this operation?
Just to be more cleare i want to replicate this operation but instead the creature i need to export the STANDARD items.

I know a lot of work await me ,but i really need it.

Why do it yourself when there are the NwN Standard Assets already extracted and on here?



I didn’t knew. You saved me from an heavy job,thx.

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I downloaded and imported the items into my module but i can’t find them anywhere.
Shouldn’t they be under “custom palette”?

Presumably, the reason you’re doing this is to change the properties of items with a standard resref that are already in many inventories throughout the module?

If you simply import the standard items, they will be in the standard palette (because palette is a property defined in the item template).

Have you tried editing an item in the standard palette?

If that doesn’t work, have a look at how the Creature mod does it.

My aim is to delete the standard palette items and move them under the custom palette, in order to edit them. That is what i did with creatures too.
I want the full control over the items that circulate in my PW,but at the same time im too lazy to create new ones.

Have you tried using moneo to change the palette in each file before importing?

Just guessing here.

No, because i was able to do the same thing im trying to achieve but with creature instead, i made a post about it.](The full control over the standard BW encounters). But this time the same method,which i discovered by accident, did not work.Dunno why. I admit my ignorance about exporting resource from the base game. Here why i asked for a guide.
About moneo… got zero knoweledge on how it work. I think to remember it were linked with the old plugin for nwnx, leto.

moneo is available with tutorial here.

You don’t need nwnx (though I believe it was developed alongside it).

Could be a red herring, though, since your previous method worked for creatures.