How to find EE specific content? Any lists?

Although it was never all that easy to get a good overview of all the NWN content available, even when I was still a regular of the NWN community, almost ten years ago, I feel the situation has further complicated now, with the end of the IGN Vault, the move to this new Vault, other sites like NexusMods and Steam Workshop hosting NWN content, the divide between Diamond Edition and EE etc.

Since the EE is out on as well, people at the forums there start asking questions about mods or module that make use of specific EE features, and as a recent buyer I would be interested in this, too. But it seems there is no simple way yet to search the Vault for that? And some content appears to be featured on Steam Workshop exclusively, making it unavailable for GOG users and others?

Do you have any advice on how to find new EE content outside of Steam? Are there any lists (of EE specific single player modules, PWs or mods)?

So far I’ve only found out that the first two chapters of Andarian’s Sanctum of the Archmage saga are available as EE version now, too. And there seems to be an EE version of the Aielund saga, but I could only locate it in the Steam Workshop (I hope I overlooked something and it’s not the only place where it can be found; the Workshop is really cool and useful for those who own the game on Steam, but unfortunately it excludes everyone else :frowning: ).

Despite its name, the enhanced edition of the Aielund Saga is not EE-specific. I have played it in 1.69. Here is the Aielund Saga thread in the Beamdog forums:

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Oh, I see. Thanks! That’s even more confusing then … :see_no_evil:
But good in terms of compatibility and continuity. :+1:

Same is true of my modules - tested and tweaked to work in EE, but not yet EE-specific.

Probably early days - most old modules work fine with EE, but only a very few modules are exclusively for EE. There are some tempting exclusive features (e.g. scaling & graphical), but using them means losing 1.69 players. Maybe now that 1.69 is deprecated, we’ll see more.

In reality, virtually all the custom content is at the Vault. Weirdly, a few Beamdog creations are exclusively on Steam, but that might be a thing of the past, as presumably they won’t be giving Steam keys to GOG users.