How to find people to collaborate with?

I was wondering how I’d be able to find people to collaborate with to make a module? I figured the easiest way to learn how to use it would be in a group setting.

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Asking that question is a pretty good way to go. :wink: You’ll get offers, making a thread like that, I’m sure.

For working together closely with a small group of people on the exact same project, in order to be shown the ropes by experienced builders - I’m pretty sure PW builders are always on the lookout for helpers. “PW team is recruiting”-notices pop up in the forums every once in a while.

If you want to learn a specific field (like 3d modeling, animating, texturing, scripting, area design, whatnot) but don’t want to go about it completely on your own, then there’s a whole bunch of people hereabouts that would probably squee for joy to take on an apprentice who’ll provide some manual labour for their projects in exchange for one-on-one teaching.

‘m pretty sure the forums and the Discord chats are the real local group setting, though. You can ask your questions publicly as they pop up, and we’re all hanging around here tinkering with our respective projects and will pitch in to answer one anothers’ questions and occasionally fulfill requests or help bugfix. That’s “The Group™” at work. Be prepared to have tutorial links shoved at you. :grin: NWN modding has tutorials. So many tutorials.

Wha’cha wanna build? I’d try putting some ideas out there for what you are or aren’t interested in - it’ll give prospective collaborators/“recruiters” more of an idea of whether they’re a good match for you.

Welcome. As you’re new here, this thread explains about how these forums work, while this one has loads of links to tutorials. It’s always better to have your own copies of that sort of thing.


I’m mostly interested in singleplayer modules. One of my favorites is Elegia Eternum. I’m not as interested in persistent world stuff.

What experience in modding do you have? If any, what are your strengths and weaknesses? Are you a good story teller? I’m currently building a single player mod for an evil wizard / palemaster class. I’ve put in a ton of hours over the last month but am starting to get a little burnt out. I’ll eventually release it but it will take time. I’m reasonably strong on event mechanics (making sure conversations and their scripting work, timing of sequence of events, grammar and spelling, and even dialogue) but my map design, combat mechanics, storytelling, and even script syntax knowledge are lacking or inconsistent at best. This slows design down. Let me know your thoughts.

I like storytelling and coming up with interesting premises for quests and locations. I’m not as well versed in scripting as I have very little experience with it. It’s one reason why I wanted to collaborate with someone to begin with.

Hey this sounds interesting, if your story is good, I can help make it visually stimulating and logical.
I’m a bit of a stickler for visual details, (I hate rectangle buildings with square interiors, mismatched door positions, wrong lighting, inappropriate roads placement, too much/little decor). I like designing places and creatures and things to the point that I tend to redesign a module’s areas before I can finish playing it.
Visuals are my main strength,so if you need that, I’d like to take a crack at it.
I have passable scripting (crude but they all work). And I play-test things a lot and repeatedly, to continue improving it. (probably why I never released a complete module of my own)
Collaborating with someone sounds like a good intro for me
This goes for your current projects @krickerd and @Beyond_Heretic

I’m not sure it’s “ready” to play test yet but why not? I will iron out a few details, type up some hints, and I can upload the mod and required hak on my mediafire site.

Okay here is a playable version (up to the point I’m still working on). Let me know your thoughts and any major issues you find.

It’s telling me “missing custom talk table”

Do you have the CEP 2.65 installed? I’m using custom tlk cep260 which will be included with the latest CEP install.

Nice, I’ll give it a try

Update: @krickerd , I did not notice that there was more (the orc quest. noticed it only after my 3rd run through) because I did not talk to the other mage guy and I finished the other quest too fast and did not get up to the right level, so some of my points in the message may be irrelevant.