How to get server message strings (szMessage) that have been sent to the PC?

Server messages are the things that are created by SendMessageToPC() and such. They show up in the chat bar. I have been using them in most of my scripts to send information about things characters encounter, especially through AID. On a computer, this has made sense. But I have the EE App on my phone and while it is a fairly large screen, the chat bar must be opened and when open, blocks off the other buttons. I was thinking a simple fix would be to capture all server messages and send them (optionally of course) as floaty text.
But once I sat down with the scripting open, I realized it isn’t normal chat to be captured and sent out, it is server messages. Any thoughts on how to capture this text so I can manipulate it?

Well I guess nobody knows this one. Sigh.

You are asking from player perspective? Perhaps some font (size) override could solve your issue, but I am not familiar with these.

If you are asking from mdule builder perspective, then just mass replace all SendMessageToPC calls in your scripts with MySendMessageToPC, then add include on top of these scripts and then create that include with that function - then you can send the text as floaty as well or whatever.

Ultimately you are trying workaround bad GUI of NWN-EE so perhaps the better idea would be to ask Beamdog to change that.

I fear you are correct - I just was hoping there was a simple way to capture those strings by script and make it an option. I have ended up playing quite a bit lately on the phone app and also been able to develop a little better skill at popping the chat open periodically to see what I missed.