How to get the 'Static' box for a Placeable?

I’m currently trying to repair some of the 1.69 added Placeables, such as trees, building adornements etc.
For some reason, they can’t be made “static” in the toolset.
Now I’m trying to figure what’s missing and fix that.

Using NWN Explorer to extract some models (.MDL) and placeable walkmesh (.PWK)
from these branches:
“NWN:1.69 Patch Data” / “data\xp3.bif” / “Models” / “.mdl" … and
“NWN:1.69 Patch Data” / “data\xp3.bif” / “Models, Server” / "
For example:
tnp_flag_a01.mdl and tnp_flag_a01.pwk

Now in NWN Explorer that entry is only viewable as “Model”, “ASCII Model” or “Binary”
Where as other placeable MDLs can be viewd as
“Model”, “ASCII Model”, “ASCII Model Hierarchy”, “Raw Model”, “Raw Model Hierarchy” or “Binary”

I’ve just exported a set of 1 default NWN(XP1) Placeable, the MDL+PWK
and another “tnp_xxx” Pleaceable’s MDL and PWK,
then imported those in 3dsmax (9) using Joco’s NW Max 0.8 b60 importer.

I’m still not “getting it”, though.
So back to my question, if anyone would know:

What exactly is needed to have the “Static” tick be available for a Placeable in the toolset?

Thanks in advance!

my setup:
NWN+SoU+HotU (engl) and the 1.69 patch (latest update, not critical rebuild)

3rd with this issue in just few months and I recall answering this on old forums (not sure whether vault or old bioware forums) as well

How would be the world easier if everyone used CPP…

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You’re awesome Shadow!
Just some quick changes in the file “Placeables.2DA”, and it works!
The last index field entry for “Static” need to be a 1
They had all 0’s for whatever reason.

Thanks for the quick response and the pointer!

Dunno what CPP is … a russian search engine?
Granted NWN 1 is so old that google didn’t help much in that regard:
I entered “neverwinter nights placeable make static” in google.
Didn’t find anything about the Static checkbox, and the old BioWare forum is down for some reason.
Just installed NWN a couple days ago.
I’ll go check for that CPP thing you mention!

note that the placeable.2da will allow to make those placeables static but they won’t be by default and you will have to change them manually, that is unless you install community patch or change those blueprints manually yourself and put them into hak/override.

also note that CEP2 and ProjectQ doesn’t contain 2da based fixes from community patch thus you will have to change their 2das this way again (or merge their 2das with 2das from community patch).

CEP1 does contain this fix at least if you download the Complete version

Yes, just in NWN/Override at the moment.
Not sure if I’ll put my local stuff into a HakPak at some point or start using one of the project CC you mention.
At the moment I’m just happy about this rather easy fix and that I didn’t build “too many” areas using trees and stuff, before I “accidently” Fireballed a couple of them last night.

Side note:
Before editing and adding the Placeables.2DA with 1’s instead of 0’s for the Static check,
I did set the Static flag on the placeables.
That didn’t stick after a reload.
However they are now all Static after dropping the modified Placeables.2DA in /Override.
So it seems that info was “somewhere” on the PLC’s

there is a way how to do mass edits in module so it would be possible to just run a script and make all placeables you placed static (still that edit will only work if the placeable is set to static in placeables.2da).

It is called letoscript / moneo, unfortunately I am not aware of any tutorial for it but you might search this forum there are few mentions and examples. Alternatively start a new thread for help on moneo, someone might reply.

Thanks, I think I’ve seen something about the apps you mention (here or on beamdog’s forum).
Nah it’ll be alright, just a couple areas.
Will blueprint the default ojnes, add them to the palette and that should help, even if I forget to add the modified 2DA next time after installing NWN, before loading the module.

There is a tutorial and sample scripts too in the Moneo Project page