How to grab, duplicate, and retexture a cloak

Hi guys,
After a misfire putting this in the NW2 cc forum…

I am looking to retexture a cloak (I think its from CEP) to add an emblem to it, this one here:


Can someone let me know the process to grab out this cloak and retexture it?

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In your original post you asked about placing your design on banners. So how about military standards (aka flags). Try these that flap in the wind - Lisa’s Standards (or Army Flags).

Onto cloaks. These IMO are much harder. In fact I can only find one tutorial in my collection (from all over the place not just here) that doesn’t use an unobtainable, outdated tool. It’s from the original Bioware NwN forums via the wayback machine -

Neverwinter Nights_ 1.68 Cloaks and Textures Tutorial.pdf.7z (237.7 KB)

The thing is that cloaks use an AFAIK unique to NwN texture type - plt. Plt files consist of an image in 10 layers. Each layer corresponds to a different material. This is done so that you can have re-colourable in the toolset, parts of a texture. To be able to work with these, you will need a plug-in for your image editor. The Gimp plug-in is here - Gimp PLT Plugin (Cross platform). You may also find these cloak plt file templates useful - Lisa’s Crusader Cloak Texture Template.

Hope that helps.


See, I thought trying to put it on something that has the animation or whatnot where it’s flapping in the wind would have been the more difficult of the two. Shows what I know I suppose!

Part of the reason I had moved on is the kinds I were looknig for are more like the kinds suspended from a ceiling to use as church decor (currently trying to get Ezra-themed stuff going if it wasn’t obvious!) and I couldn’t quite find one that seemed like it fit that.

You mean something like these - TR’s Pern Plaques?

Beware though. The images are all in the original (non-standard) Bioware DDS format. You can convert them using (probably best change to either tga or png to view and work on)

NWN Crunch - Enhanced Edition


Just in case you are interested here are a few more links -

First the original Photoshop (20+ years ago - may not work with current PS) plt plugin by Bioware -

BioWare’s PLT Exporter Plugin and Templates

A couple of small plt utilities you might find useful - MerricksDad’s PLT Tools

The rest of these links are to work by Lisa who hasn’t been around NwN for years, that I think you may find useful.

Lisa’s Military Shirts - to show what can be done using -
Lisa’s Military Shirt Custom Texture Templates - includes instructions
Lisa’s Surcoat & Tabard Custom Texture Templates - also contains (slightly simpler) instructions
Lastly - Lisas Clothes Horse HotU Padded - contains most of her clothing and deserves many more than the 3 votes it has.

Hope that little lot is helpful.