How to have an Animation where PC is holding something

During a crafting conversation, I assign an animation to the PC as though he/she is pounding on the anvil (EffectVisualEffect(VFX_FNF_CRAFT_BLACKSMITH))
It looks fine and works, but can I also fake a hammer in their hand?
Hammer weapons fall under martial not all will have that proficiency.
I guess I can’t spawn one in inventory, equip, then destroy it afterwards. Plus that would unequip their equipped weapon, and require me to remember the equipped gear prior to unequipping, then re-equip.
Maybe I just leave the PC to swing at a 500lb anvil with nothing but the fist? :slight_smile:

You can add the proficiency to the weapon itself, so it’s useable by anyone.


You can try and use this:

To quote the description:

"Visual effects that put various items into a creature’s hands
without the need to spawn or equip items.

  • fx_handr_smithhammer (smith hammer right hand - craft or forge animation)"

Thank you for the help, I’m glad there’s a vfx for it.
I did mess with equipping the hammer, unequipping, etc but I like the vfx better.
Thank you!