How to I enable hierarchical threaded view for the forums?

It seems like I used to read a forum thread in a hierarchical mode, where the order and indentation made it easy to see which post in the thread a given reply was to. Is there a way for my to turn that back on?

That sounds like the comments section on project pages not these Discourse forums. In these you can see when a reply is made to someone but AFAIK not which particular post is being replied to.


You can if the new post quotes the old one - as this illustrates - which is best practice when not replying to the last post. No way of enforcing that, though.

Truish but it usually only shows what section of a post is being replied to and not the actual post that section is taken from.


The up-arrow icon top right of the quote links to the actual post.

Never noticed those 2 controls before. Purely unobservant and not because I am waiting for new Specs either.