How to id the upgrades on Weapons /

Hi there,
in the Hotu or the POTSC Module you have a smithy who can upgrade weapons and/or armor.
I am wondering how those upgrades are save on the items that where upgraded.
I couldnt find anything on the internet about that specific topic, maybe someone has an idea where to look.
Thx in advance.

In general, an item can have Item Properties, which are saved as information on the item object itself.

Item Properties can be added by a script, typically using IPSafeAddItemProperty().

The properties on an item can be discovered by a script using GetFirstItemProperty() and GetNextItemProperty().

You can see what item properties look like by examining an item in the toolset.

Does that answer the question?

yeah that did the trick (had to search around a bit in the map before arriving at the right merchant)