How to import & use a HAK

Hi, Brand new to NWN & Steam. I have NWN Enhanced on Steam and would like to expand the tilesets are they are limited in the stock game. I subscribed (downloaded?) ctp_dungeon_lok.hak from the workshop and can’t fingure out how to get it into the Aurora Toolset to use.

I also tried downloading eth_dungeon.hak from Neverwinter Vault. I unzipped the file but am unsure where to place it within the NWN files. I tried the HAK folder, ERF folder and the override folder but when I go into the toolset, open my dungeon I’m working on and click the ‘module properties’ then ‘custom content’ to add it, nothing shows up.

I know that’s alot but it’s what I’ve been able to piece together from what info I’ve found. Can someone provide steps to do this right?


Don’t rely on Steam Workshop if you’re using the toolset.

.hak files go in the hak subfolder of Documents. I know you’ve tried that, but once you get the path right, the hak will turn up in the dropdown list in Module Properties > Custom Content.

Path details given here:

P.S. if you are using Linux you may need to change the .hak name to lower case.

Thanks for your quick response! I read the link you sent and tried again. I went in to my Doc folder, deleted what I had put in there previously to essentially start fresh. Downloaded the eth_dungeon.hak from the Neverwinter Vault, extracted files to documents/neverwinter nights/hak and I see the file in there (88,725 kb).

I open NWN through Steam, launch aurora toolset, open my existing module I’m working on, go to module properties, custom content and nothing shows up. I should see that file I just downloaded and put in hak file available for use I’m guessing. I’m sure I’m doing something very basic wrong but don’t know what.

Try opening the toolset via a shortcut to the .exe rather than via Steam.

If that doesn’t work, check the path for haks in nwn.ini.

Documents/Neverwinter Nights/hak needs to be capitalised exactly as shown (for Windows).

Just to be clear, did you click the down arrow in the box next to the add button? That’s where the hak should be listed. It won’t be listed just on the custom content tab until you’ve added it to the module.

Yes! Thank you! I didn’t know to check the down arrow, I just assumed the hah would show if available in the box then I would select ‘add’. Thank you and Proleric for your help!