How to increase uses per day in a custom feat

Anyone knows how to increase uses per day in a custom feat?
I’m trying to add a new class (without NWNX nor PRC), dark paladin. I copied paladin’s 2da and change some few feats (for example: smite evil by smite good, new spells instead paladin’s list…)
My problem is when the character is levelling, it doesn’t gain more uses per day in feats and I don’t know if is it possible to increment these uses with scripts or I forget change something in a 2da file.

Thanks in advance

That would be the Uses Per Day column in feat.2da

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gotta love neverwinter and its simplicity. i was curious how to do this too so thanks for pointing that out.

I think that I don’t explain correctly.
New class receives “smite good” at 1st level (feat id: 472) use/day: 1
New class in level 5th, increases to 2 uses per day… level 10th 3 uses/day, 15th 4 uses/day, 20th 5 uses/day

I have tried to use same feat id, but uses haven’t been incremented.
Feat id: 472 is hardcoded, so I’m not able to copy and modify, so column Uses per day isn’t the solution.

Is there any possibility to add an integer like maximum uses per day, with scripts?

If you take a look at the Bard Song feat, you’ll notice that there are different feats (_02, _03, etc.) but all have the same feat id and spell id. Also note that they have their no. of uses per day incremented (2, 3, etc.).

Just do the same thing and you should be fine. That is, make a new row for smite_good_02, _03, etc. with everything the same except for no. of times per day. Then update the cls_feat_yourclass.2da to grant each of those feats at the desired leve.

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Thank you, now it runs correctly.