How to make a permanent look to a character?


I think I once saw something that you could with a GFFeditor make so that your character armor would look always the same even when equipping other armor. Did I remember wrong?

Is it possible that if I create an armor in the toolset it may become his permanent appearance regardless of armor/cloak/helmet equipped? If so, can you tell me how?

Thank you!

hey Malfatto

there’s a flag in the GFF (character) files, “NeverShowArmor”

but when i set it in my PC’s player.bic file and playerlist.ifo file (both, in the savegame folder) his armor still showed. Yet when i tried the same thing on one of my companion’s .ROS files, it actually did work as advertised.

which leads me to believe that the engine is hardcoded to always show a PC’s armor regardless of the setting …

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That’s too bad. Thanks for answering.

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