How to make custom item that casts a spell

I was thinking of making an item that when you recieve and perhaps activate it, it will be able to permanently increase your dexterity, intelligence or strength.

I made a blueprint, and I guess I have to attach a script to the item somehow that maybe triggers a dialog or something along the line. But I can’t find where to put it on the blueprint. When you click on properties there’s the Item Properites slot, but that contains nothing and it seems you can’t change that. Then there is the Scripts where it says Variables. How does that work? There’s just the value thing where you choose if it’s Int or String or Name or something else. Is where the Name is where you put the script’s name perhaps? I’ll check the various pdf manuals and see if I can find information on this but so far no luck…

You can use automatically triggered scripts.

If you name a script i_tagofobject_aq, it runs as soon the object is acquired.
If you name a script i_tagofobject_eq, it runs as soon as the object is equipped.
(ue for unequip).

You may also use item properties : Click on the ‘…’ button to define the properties. A pop up window is displayed.

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You might want to look at Wyrin’s Legacy of White Plume Mountain. He had put in there A Manual of Health and A Manual of Strength. Which both raised your Str. and Con. by +1, then destroyed the books so you couldn’t reuse them.

The item scripts are triggered through the event scripts under the module properties, so you can look there to see how it is processed. Otherwise, it’s as Claudius33 said.

Thank you for the replies!

The most interesting thing to check out seems to be Wyrin’s Legacy of White Plume Mountain so I will begin there.

I know of the i_object_aq thing since I’ve used that alot in my module already. I don’t want the script to be triggered as soon as you aquire the item however. I didn’t know of the eq thing though. And I read in the manual that different things pop up on the Item Properites slot depending on the Base Item thing (which I find to be a little weird, that that should determine what you can choose when it comes to properties.
I didn’t know of the Event Scripts in the module properties…

Check OEI’s MotB Pre-order items and the scripts associated with them. They do exactly what you want.


*.nss files can be found in [Game Installation Directory]\Campaigns\Neverwinter Nights 2 Campaign_X1
*.UTI files can be found here (Kaedrin’s PrC Pack also includes them)


You may use this blessing to permanently bestow the following property upon any single weapon (thereby consuming the blessing): Immunity: Necromancy and +1d6 Positive Energy damage

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Interesting! I will check that first then.

i don’t think that’s true. items are items and itemprops are itemprops. Some combinations might not make sense: like having an unequippable base-item Book with an OnEquipped script. Or flagged as ActiveOnlyWhenEquipped …


Ok. You’re right. I agree.

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This may not mean much as I’m not good at scripting. There is a module called the Wizards Apprentice CH 2 that has some books that works like your speaking of. You may get some ideas from that mod. I hope this helps.:grinning:

Thanks for the tip. I loved the Wizards Apprentice modules and I might take a look there.
I have however managed to make an item now that is satisfactory even if it’s not exactly what I wanted…so, we’ll see if I check it out.

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