How to open model+animation+sceleton and don't lost rig and animations

i need create animation /change animation
Hi all!
thank you in advance !

need some tutorial(video) or detailed answer
Question :how to export character to blender with default animation.

how to open model+animation+sceleton and don’t lost rig and animations

my actions: fbx file model
2.add gr file
3.Unfortunately model don’t atached to rig .
and i can’t edit animations.
i need just want create animation for new weapon

what that means:
Question 1

.i want open default model like wolf with animations.
how i can do this?
how to open model+animation+sceleton and don’t lost rig and animations
i need to be able to edit animation

Question 2.

i want open default model like human with animations.
but model have sepparated parts .
example head and body .
how to open all together and don’t lost rig and animations
how i can do this?
i need to be able to edit animation

what i want:

if i right
i need model mage’s staff(no problem)
i need create/change animation (real problem)
i need create new weapon and attach new animations( future real problem)
i need new weapon (type bow) but view new model +custom animations when used

sorry for what I wrote looks so confusing.
it’s easier for me to record a video (link coming soon)
and show there
I hope this will be clearer
once again I apologize for what I wrote

thanks in advance!

you browse to the data folder in nwn2’s main installation directory, open and extract the file c_wolf_cl_body01.mdb. that’s the mesh. then you open the and extract the corresponding skeleton, in this case c_wolf_skel.gr2 and the animation you want to import into blender. let’s say we take the first attack animation which is called c_wolf_una_1attack01.gr2. you now select all three files and drag and drop them onto the nw2fbx.exe to create a single fbx file. this fbx can be imported to blender. after selecting the armature you can see all the be bone’s keys and play the animation.

the same process works with meshes made of separate parts. the only difference is that you have to export all the needed meshes too. then you drag and drop four to six files to be converted.

editing and creating completely new animations is a very complex endeavour. you have to know your way around your chosen digital content creation tool. luckily there are tons of free tutorials online for most of those.

regarding the video of dao2 you linked: what exactly do you want to do? do you want to change the staff’s attack animation or do you want to mimic similar gameplay as shown in the video? if the latter, then i would say that such actiony gameplay is not really supported by the electron engine.
you should also know that the staff’s attack animation is shared with other two-handed slashing weapons like axes or polearms. if you edit the animation, all weapons sharing this animation will be using it.


As @Semper wrote: if you want to change the attack animations for staves, you’ll change the attack animations for all weapons using the O2hS combat stance (halberds, two-handed axes, etc…)
If you want to animate the staff itself, you might be interested in reading the document I wrote about it. Based on this, I made a few whips and a snake staff. But then it’s only the weapon that’s animated (and its animation will come in addition to the character attack animations, without changing them).


You can also change staves to be a ranged weapon to make it “shoot” a fire/frost/whatever-attack using sling animations with minimal work:
: here is a demonstration of this:

OOPS! Sorry, I didn’t see it was NWN2, I don’t know if my method works for NWN2!

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Many thanks Semper!
this should help a lot.

briefly: (I do what I can) and for super quality
the whole nwn2 just needs to be created from scratch on ue4 and at the same time have decent skills, ideas, experience, team and a lot of time.

Many thanks 4760 !

i want to make a new ranged weapon (staff)
with its own animation (the quality of the animation will probably be low-medium)

my questions

  1. Is it possible to create a new type of weapon with new animations? or

2. Is it possible to create a type of ranged weapon with new animations,
not affecting all other weapons? (example of a bow (actually a staff) with special animation, while the rest of the bows have everything as usual)

my actions
1.I’m creating a model (not very important, since a simplified general view of the staff is always an ordinary stick in this case)
2. since this is a new weapon I need to create a new animation (animation of using the staff)
regular shots (as in the video)
3. I need to create a new type of weapon with my new animations (or somehow trick if this is not possible)
and when fired, apply this animation

Many thanks paphjort !
very good idea.
but I first want to try creating a new weapon type if possible.

Thanks again to everyone!

Short answer: yes.
Detailed answer: it looks like the combat animations sets (one-handed sword, one-handed sword + shield, slashing polearms, bows, etc.) are hard-coded (I didn’t find any 2da where 1hS, 1hSS, O2hS, bow, etc. were listed), so I’m afraid we can’t add our combat stance (and have the engine use say “cust” for custom staff animations).
So, the method I used when I started to work on firearms was to create a new skeleton (let’s call it P_HCSM_skel for Human Custom Staff Male and P_HCSF_skel for the female characters), and via the it_<item_tag>eq and it<item_tag>_ue scripts switch from the standard P_HH?_skel to the new P_HCS?_skel and vice-versa, depending on whether the character wields the new staff or not (same trick as for swimming or riding horse animations).
Is it worth it? It’s your call: not only will you need to create your new attack animation P_HCS?_bow_1attack01, but also you’ll need to recreate all the other animations (idle, walk, run, even drink, sit etc.), unless you have also a special script that calls the new combat animation when the character is in combat and wields the new staff (but still calls the standard bow attack animations if the character actually uses a bow). This second option would require to modify all the combat scripts obviously, and I’m not really sure the timing will always be good.


Many thanks 4760 !
this can really help me.
Thanks a lot for your answer!
well i think animation and the creation of such an object is really an interesting project

I think I’ll try.

Very interesting.
I will start trying (of course I still have my own ideas
but i haven’t tested yet)

I will write if I have any progress
(I am still doing a few more projects)

hi respected 4760
Thanks for your time.
thank you in advance !
I would like to ask about animation
(at the moment I’m not doing a staff, but also an interesting thing)
i can add video if you don’t understand what i’m talking about/sorry for bad english/

1 question=

why it’s happened?

i tried use default skeletion and create new animation
so i took 4 files and select all and import in blender using FreshLook tool

opened them in blender = got a model with animation
2) I changed the animation = that is, I made a new one
3) selected the skeleton and saved the animation to a gr file
4) checked the result
so i took 4 files and select all and import in blender using FreshLook tool
Shoke_3.gr2=my new animation
and converted it all back to a blender

I should have gotten a working animation file but something went wrong
usually everything worked out = the animation is somehow distorted and looks just awful
.why it happened?
Do you know correct way? (i just want use default skeleton and create new animation
but my animation distorted when i export )

2 question=

which skeleton i should use ?

why are there so many skeletons? does everyone have their own animation?
i just want create 1 new animation for all rases (human/dwarf /elves/halfing/uanti/ork/halfelf/planetoched)
but human have= 19 types skeletons=so many=it’s really necessary?=maybe you know more short way?
P_HHM_skel02.GR2 …

P_HHM_Skel07.gr2 …

(it really confusinbg.)

which skeleton i should use ?
thank you in advance !

Actually, there’s only one skeleton: P_HHM_skel.gr2
All the others, ending with two digits, are for cutscenes only and make the head with the same number close eyes, smile, move lips while talking. In other words, P_HHM_Head12.mdb will be animated through p_hhm_skel12.gr2

Why one skeleton by head you may ask? Because the facial bones (used for skinning the cheeks, brows, lips, jaw, etc…) can that way match more precisely the geometry of the model.

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Then you’ll need four (or eight, since you’ll have to do it for male and female characters):

  • human-based (human, elf, half-elf, halfling, etc… all races based on P_HH?_skel)
  • dwarf: P_DD?_skel
  • gnomes: P_GG?_skel
  • half-orcs: P_OO?_skel

hi respected 4760
i got it
Then you’ll need four (or eight, since you’ll have to do it for male and female characters):
thanks for answer

if you can, can you tell me how to change the animation and export it so that there is no such problem?
(i just want use default skeleton and create new animation
but my animation distorted when i export )
i can add video if it can help

Thanks for your time.
thank you in advance !

Did you look at FreshLook’s instructions?

Exporting a FBX from Blender

In order for a FBX to be correctly processed by fbx2nw , you need the following:

  • Check Custom Properties in the Main tab.
  • If there are meshes, make sure that Tangent Space is checked in the Geometries tab.
  • If there are skeletons, uncheck Add Leaf Bones in the Armatures tab.
  • If there are animations, make sure that Baked Animation is the only checked option in the Animation tab.

It’s also worth checking that you didn’t inadvertently move (not rotate) or resize a bone.

thanks for the answer 4760
probably somewhere I was inattentive (maybe I have a mistake here, now I’ll check it again

unfortunately does not help
I even do not know why . if I created a new animation and want to save it . i select the skeleton and export it with the baked animation parameter
correct?or i need other files ttoo. i mean when i create new animation i saved only animation.

I don’t know either… I selected P_HHM_Cl_Body01, P_HHM_skel.gr2 and P_HHM_UnA_Idle.gr2, dropped the lot over nw2fbx.
I then imported the newly created fbx, made a few changes to the animation (made the character jump), exported the animation to fbx.
Finally, I drag/dropped the new P_HHM_UnA_jump.fbx animation over fbx2nw, and moved the P_HHM_UnA_jump.gr2 file created in the process to my override.
I fired up the toolset, placed a human male character in the area and as expected he started jumping. So it works, even with Blender 2.92 (and it worked as well with 2.79 and 2.80).

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Hi 4760
Thanks for test and answer.

obviously I’m doing something wrong. unfortunately neither the addon nor the plugin have yielded any results yet.
but I don’t know, am I really that attentive?Maybe I’m just tired .
I’ll post a couple of videos. Maybe someone can point me to what the problem is.
(if think maybe my problem in settings export )
here video

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I recommend using the Blender plug-in instead of the FBX converters.

If you import a GR2 animation to modify it, uncheck Automatic Bone Orientation. I’ll try to explain why. If you check that option, Blender reorients the bones to look better, but then the skeleton is not the original. The exported GR2 animation keyframes will be relative to this new modified skeleton, not the original one, so bad results will likely happen. This doesn’t happen with other DCCs that have joint-based skeletons, instead of the Blender bone-based skeletons.
On the other hand, if you import a GR2 animation just to see how it looks or to aid in skinning, then it’s safe to check Automatic Bone Orientation.


Hi FreshLook
Thanks for the answer, I’ll see it.
At the moment I am doing other projects, because my game is very buggy for some reason.