How to prevent a creature walking waypoints after combat?

I’m looking for a way to prevent a creature from resuming walking waypoint after something happens in a combat. Creature with standard scripts.
Is there an int I can set on the creature to make it not resume walking waypoints?

I can’t just delete the waypoint, because other creatures use it.

(case is that if the PC use an ability on a creature, then only that particular creature should not walk waypoints after the combat ends.)


Perhaps the cleanest way is to wrap the WalkWayPoints() function e.g.

void MyWalkWayPoints()
  if (special condition) return;

You have to change WalkWayPoints() to MyWalkWayPoints() in in the OnBlocked, OnHeartbeat, OnPerception, OnSpawn and OnConversationEnd event scripts (the latter script is nw_walk_wp by default).

It might seem heavy weather, but WalkWayPoints is a beast to tweak directly in my experience, and the method allows new conditions to be added easily.

This simple change does not cause problems with combat rounds (not withstanding the comment in the Lexicon).

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Ok, thanks. Will try, but maybe it’s not worth risking breaking a lot of other stuff :smiley:

It’s a minor nuisance and can be understood in-game as you just don’t have “full” control over the creature.
(updating Tupilak btw, finally got rid of the visual crossbow/rifle inventory bug, some other small bugs and explaining a few things better in journals etc. )


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Shouldn’t be a problem. I’ve been doing this for ages with no issues. Apart from including the custom function, the change in all the scripts mentioned is simply to replace WalkWayPoints() with MyWalkWayPoints().