How to properly use the following fuction (ActionCruise)?

Hi guys,
Still learning the ropes,

So once I inserted this function into the library:

How do I use it? I’m not sure what kind of arguments it’s supposed to get. I tried using (OBJECT_SELF, 45) but it’s not it.

The method is here:

void ActionCruise(object focus=OBJECT_INVALID, float fMaxDist = 40.0f)

The “focus” is the totem object around which your monster will patrol, at a max range of “fMaxDist”.

As an action, you’ll want to use AssignCommand() or DelayCommand(), both of which are described in Aurora.

Added: Or, if you’re doing it in the monster’s event trigger scripts, you can just call it.

It turns out I just didn’t put “void main” and that’s why it shouted at me

#include "action_cruise"
void main()
     ActionCruise ();

But thanks though :slight_smile:

:stuck_out_tongue: Ya, that’ll do it.