How to raise the NWN cheat console (the ">") in an English NWN-Version

… with a German keyboard.

Can’t help you with that (but would like to know too).

However (in case you don’t know) you can use the chat line if you prefix your commands with ## (e.g. type ##DebugMode 1 into chat line to activate debug mode).

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Thanks, that I know. But the chatline doesn’t have a autocompletition by hitting .

What works for me is in windows switching keyboard to english and then pressing the ^ key.


Problem is you have an english keyboard then (but still the german keyboard labels). But you can switch back to german for typing.

I thought it was the ~ key?

If you have an english keyboard ;).

I’m always using ## in the chat, too, because neither pressing the ^ key (where the ~ is on an english keyboard) nor pressing alt gr and + where the ~ is on the german keyboard work.

I thought as much. The title of the post has me confused, I think. :slight_smile:

Same here, except the keyboard is in French: only ## works.

Add me to the list, as it doesn’t work in a “spanish” keyboard either!

Partially result:

I managed to bring up the “>” with Shift+Accent (The key to the right of ß). English Diamond with a short keyboard on Win 7.

This couldn’t be reproduced on the EE