How to Remove Custom Creature Skins From Palette

So somehow I ended up with a few custom creature skins on my palette sometime after I had placed a couple Curst Warriors and a Lich. I have no idea how this happened because I was not all trying to give these creatures any custom ANYTHING. I had made some modifications to their stats and inventory, but I did this to the creatures on the area already placed. So naturally I did a right click on the custom creature skins expecting to get a “Remove” option of them but the only two options I get are the “Edit” and “Edit Copy” options. I’ve ran out of ideas. Does anybody know how to delete these custom creature skins from the palette list?

You should have more options on right click, including Delete.

If that’s not so, and no one has any better ideas, maybe reinstalling the toolset will fix it?

Is this the correct window that I should be able to remove the skin from the palette?

That is the correct window, but at the top click on the “Natural Equipment” tab instead of the “Standard Equipment” tab. Then drag any hides, claws, etc down to the little trash bin icon in the lower left hand corner.

If you are trying to remove them from the palette (not the creature) you should be on the main screen in the right. Select paint items, custom tab and then right click on the things you want to remove.


Oh! So that’s where it’s done! I’m not sure why it does not allow you to delete them from where I was trying to do it. Thank you very much.

Additionally, if you have batch of items (or any other blueprints, convos, scripts) that you want to remove, you can do it through export process. Just select them for export, right click, and choose delete. Then cancel the export.

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THANK YOU VERY MUCH !! It’s a very usefull trick