How to remove pop-up on loading screen?

Is there a way to remove those annoying pop-ups (“Do you wish to save your game first?/Exit to main menu?/Exit to deskop?”) that show up whenever I’m trying to load game, exit to main menu/exit game? I’ve checked GUI files that are responsible for in game loading and options menu - loadgamescreenx2.xml, optionsmenu.xml, mainmenux2.xml - and there isn’t any part of the code that would be responsible for those pop-ups. Could it be that this window (on loading menu) is showing up through completely separate xml file and the script fires both pop-up and loading menu at once? Can this be dealt with by altering GUI files alone or the scripts have to be changed?

And the second issue I have I’m unable to locate xml file that is responsible for this GUI in SoZ:

any idea what is the name of that file? This graphic shows up upon reaching cities or explorable dungeons.

That is a conversation dialog.

i think the UI for it is partychat_ol.xml

as for bypassing confirmations… i tried never could

Thanks. It really is just party chat, I’ve got confused because sometimes game displays this graphic and sometime it uses the one from Tchos UI and it is strange it isn’t consistent… E.g. whenever I will load one save it shows the graphic above but if I load different save and speak with an npc then load previous save the graphic from Tchos UI shows up…

odd… have you checked your /override + /ui folders for duplicate files?

there are plenty of duplicate file checking apps available

Definitely no duplicates. Seems to me that game is reading from partychat_ol.xml on first approach to cities and settlements during gameplay. Then if you talk to an NPC it switches to partychat.xml for both NPC and dialogues on the main soz map. Hance this default GUI since my partychat_ol.xml file was unmodified. It stay this way even after loading save and resets back when turning the game off.

Edit: Do you now how to “fix” this button to show proper icons “+ -”?

     <UIButton name=up x=0 y=0 height=15 width=15 prototype=true header=true>
                <UIFrame state=up			fill="b_plus_normal.tga" />
                <UIFrame state=down		    fill="b_plus_normal.tga" />
                <UIFrame state=hilited		fill="b_plus_normal.tga" />
                <UIFrame state=focused		fill="b_plus_normal.tga" />
                <UIFrame state=hifocus		fill="b_plus_normal.tga" />
                <UIFrame state=disabled		fill="b_plus_normal.tga" />
                <UIFrame state=header		fill="b_minus_normal.tga" />
                <UIFrame state=hiheader		fill="b_minus_normal.tga" />
                <UIFrame state=downheader	fill="b_minus_normal.tga" />

Because right now it only show “+” constantly. It is a button used in dmchooser tool.

never played around with collapsibles … this is what Rich Taylor had to say about them

other than that I just fool around until something works… or doesn’t :\