How to retexture an existing model?

Hi there,
I have some artwork created for an Ezran emblem I want to place on some shields and banners. I’m adept enough with photoshop, but not with the tools for NWN to make the pieces touch, and google wasn’t finding me a tutorial for this. Could anyone point me to one, or even better, let me know how to do this?

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In principle it’s not that difficult. You need to make a copy of the model, which is a .mdb file, then modify the packet names so they are unique. You can then change the texture files to your new art. One way to do this is using this tool:

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Okay might have gotten overambitious, heheh. I was looking at adding the emblem to a cloak, but it doesn’t seem very evident to me where to find the cloak that I’m looking at (I assume CEP but IDK):

Is there a way to correlate these aliases with their corresponding model?

Also, I noticed I mistakedly put this in the NeverWinter Nights 2 Custom Content forum, this is meant for NWN1EE, sorry about that >_<

Yes, NWN is a different kettle of fish. I’ve played around with the models a little, but I’m sure there’s better help available on the NWN forums.

For reference, I did a tutorial on retexturing existing models in nwn2.

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I’ve moved it to NWN1.

For cloaks look at cloakmodel.2da cloakmodel.2da - Neverwinter Nights 1: EE - it has the filename references. Funnily enough unlike almost all other models Bioware did make cloaks able to have new textures without new models! So you can add a new line and just reference a new texture name but same model.

Take the original texture, which is PLT PLT - Neverwinter Nights 1: EE - and open it in GIMP with the plugin and add your changes. Possibly copy a section to a new layer to colour it in separately.

You just happened to pick one of the harder things to do sadly PLT is a bit weird.

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Lisa’s tutorials and templates for plt mentioned in the other thread are golden.

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Completely by accident found the kind of thing I was meaning when I said banner, something like this which CEP has in the tapestries:

I wonder how easy finding that in the hak would be, and then duplicating it and retexturing it. Hmmhmm.

You can get the appereance in the ítem properties.
Search that appereance in placeables.2da. In that line you’ll find the model name.
Search the model using nwnexplorer, export the model.
Open the mdl file with some notepad and search for bitmap. That will give you the textures name.
Search the textures in nwnexplorer and export it.
You have every thing you need to make no replacing New objects.

For a simple (just hangs straight - no wind effect) you can take what I did here -

NwN Flags

and retexture.