How to review a missing mod?


i just played a mod i found in the ‘rolovault’ section. there’s no other page for it. how can i review it ?


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Over on the Vault home page, select Contribute, then Blog Entry, and start typing away. I don’t often get comments on my blog entries but at least I get my thoughts down in writing so if I want to respond to someone’s question later on, I have all the info in one place.

Example here -

Which mod are you reviewing by the way?

We can migrate it over if it has no project for it, so send the link.


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From what I’ve seen, there is material on the rolovault that does not merit increased exposure. There are a few really bad, broken, or unfinished little mods that should not be left out for the general gamer to attempt.

Case in point -

Anyway that’s just my two cents on the subject. :grinning:


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quite sure i’m logged in, too…

this. this is the reason i want to review it – to save others the pain i went through. the gaming public have a right to know !!! :unamused: especially after a very favourable review from its entry on the rolovault [which, i see now, must have been faked…]

blogs are fine, but there’s no link to them from modules on the rolovault, and they aren’t pulled up in module searches either.

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Post here and and admin will fix your Blog Authorship rites - I can’t figure out how to do it.

Blog Access Denied? Post here for access - Vault Feedback/Tech - Neverwinter Vault

As for the Rolo Vault - that’s a staging area of ALL the content that was on the old IGN Vault. It isn’t really intended to be used in the manner you are using it. Yeah, you can pull haks, scripts, etc. from it. However, if you’re doing so, give us a heads up with the link to the asset on Rolo Vault so we can get it migrated.

The name and ID # of the mod should be clear from your review and of course you can insert a link to said item on the rolovault for those who still want to investigate it.

You can also cross post in the NWN2 section here, “Review of < … >” or just post a link to your blog entry. Should not be more than 2 minutes extra effort. Now that you mention it, I have mostly not been keeping up on that last step. I’ll have to correct that.

Hope that helps.

no worries.
the mod in question was ‘black isle exploration’. in re-reading the vault entry, i now wonder if the glowing review wasn’t just sarcastic and i missed the sarcasm… or it was simply mis-directed, as i’m reeeeally having difficulty believing it applies to the one i d/l’d.
anyway, thanks for the help. now i know about the blogs !