How to tell which load hint was just shown?

Is there a way to find which load hint was displayed for a PC during the most recent area transition? E.g. some function that would return which line in loadhints.2da was used?

(This is somewhat related to this earlier topic, but that was more about setting up custom load hints. That’s not my aim here.)

Load hints are great constant learning opportunities, just a pity they flash by too fast betimes.
I wonder if there is a way to

  1. add more hints.
  2. have a pause click to continue when the area has loaded toggle.

Easy to add new lines to the loadhints.2da.

No easy way to pause.

Load hints were really for the days in which area transitions were slow.

These days, if you really want to tell the player something, forget load screens - just start a conversation on area entry (optionally, in cutscene mode) or use the NUI functions to display a black screen with message and OK button.

You could even display and pause random hints from the 2da that way if you like.

It’s exactly because the area transitions have gotten faster that I was thinking about this. Plenty of times, I can read part of the load hint and want to read the rest of if, but the transition completes before I have time. If there was a way to determine the most recent load hint, we could add functionality to the radial menu to echo that load hint to the chat window. Of course, we could also add functionality that sends a random load hint to the chat window, or even just sends them in some order. But, that isn’t really the goal. The idea is that the player has read the start of something interesting and that motivates wanting to see the rest of it.

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I suppose the loadscreen hints could be used for random Dad jokes.

But yeah since upgraded to an i7-2600 and SSD drives areas load in less than two seconds betimes.

  1. set your loadhint to have only single valid entry.
  2. prior to entering area, override this entry via SetTlkOverride with some other text you specify

It won’t be multilanguaged because this feature is not allowing to change ID with ID and it won’t be possible to override it in case of player (re)logging, but otherwise this will allow you to determine which loadhint was sent to player and therefore you can send it to player combat log as well so he can read it there if he didn’t manage it during area loading.


Interesting approach. And, I suppose we could even keep the 2DA approach by renaming the current loadhints.2da so that the new version could have the single entry. Then we could grab a random entry from it the renamed multi-entry version to use with SetTlkOverride(). I wonder if a change made to the talk table made during the area transition event would get to the client before the load screen text was set…