How to test quickly custom icons?

So, I’m working on some custom NWN icons, but I am not sure how to immediately test them.
They are all 32x32, 64x64 or 32x64

You could try putting the base files in the override folder? If they temporarily have the same names as other icons you should be able to see if they work.

One thing that I found is that the custom icons really need to have a border of fully transparent pixels that is at least 1 pixel wide. You need to be careful of are pixels that are not 100% transparent. Such pixels show up in the toolset and/or game as little grey dots/sections amidst the transparent areas of your item icon. The best tool I’ve found I’ve found for zapping these is the Greenfish Icon Editor Pro (also available in a portable version).

@Vanya_Mia’s idea is a good one. You may also (no guarantee) find another way to test them in the Custom Content Guide v3.0.


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Good to know, I do believe I’m doing that already, but for some of the most “custom ones” I’m making this will be a good reminder, thanks!

I gave in to the darkness and made a testing hakpak…

FWIW GFIEP is what I used for this. Downside of using the Greenfish editor is it doesn’t work with TGA files. As I do all my creative work using png files and convert at last minute, that is no problem for me.


My same approach then!