How to update account for a dummy?

I’m surely missing something obvious, but I’m not seeing how to update my user name and email address. I’d greatly appreciate if anyone could point me in the right direction. Thank you.

Look at this pinned thread (does nobody ever read it?).



Having looked I see that it is now more difficult than it used to be. First click on the hamburger menu and select users. Find your own entry in the list of users this brings up. This will bring up a small window containing your user name. Click on your user name in this. This will bring up a page full of info relating to you. Press Preferences and go from there.

Alternatively (and easier) Click on your avatar above. On the drop-down that this brings up, click on your username and select preferences.


Please sir, I did - but only because you made me . . . (slinks away) :grinning:

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Thank you for the reply. I’m guilty of not reading that specific pinned thread, however, I did use google and the search function here, but both came up empty, so far as my question goes. I’ve now looked at the pinned thread (haven’t read every comment yet) and have tried both methods that @Tarot_Redhand suggested in his later post. I can see the user name and email address that I don’t want to use, but I’m still missing how to edit and change them. I’ll continue reading every comment in that pinned thread, but it looked like it was heading in the direction of advanced scripting, coding, and such, and I’m hoping that I won’t need to take full courses on these advanced techniques to simply update my user name and email address. Thank you again.

I just checked your user level (yes it is a thing and no I have nothing to do with it) and from that I suspect that you will need to be a little more active on here before the Discourse software lets you alter such things as your user name etc. Trust levels are built-into Discourse as a security measure to try and stop spam-bots etc. Unfortunately this does mean that there can be annoyances along the way. If you are interested here is an article on these trust levels.

After digging deeper I found this -

On Discourse, new users can change their usernames on their own on their first 3 days.
After the username change period passes, you need to contact a site administrator or moderator.

According to the posters who said this on the site I found this information, it is an anti-trolling feature. Anyway, pm me with the new user_name and I’ll see if I can change it for you.


Thank you again. PM sent.