How to use my own spell scripits in Aielund Saga module?

I made my own spell scripts,and i made it to erf extension.Then i import it to module,but it didn’t work.Why?
I can see my scripts when i open the module in toolset.

I think this module is using EMS which has all spellscripts changed in some way and this is added as hak. And hak has higher priority than module. So you either need to replace the scripts in EMS hak. Remove the EMS hak from the module resources or put your scripts into /development folder.

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Thx.But how to remove it?I really don’t know much about it.

Just use toolset to do that or i need something else?

You can remove the hak in the toolset (Module Properties > Custom Content).

Thx man

How can i make my own hak file export to module?Can i just use toolset to do that?

You can use nwhak.exe (it’s in the win32\bin folder where the other NWN exes are) to create/open a hak file. Or I think you can also just export an erf file using the toolset and rename it to hak. nwhak.exe also can open erf files.

Hak files and erf files are the same anyway, only the extension is different.

thx,i found some guid on Vault.