How would I create a new store interface

Preface by mentioning that I am a layman at scripting.

Could someone please help me make an interface that acts as a “drag & drop” shop grid, where it would know the item’s value from the item’s properties. It should have 128 slots, and a scroll bar. I plan to use this in a PW.

I don’t think it needs much in terms of config, as things like shop gold amount wouldn’t matter, ideally because the gold would be created from nothing when a player sells something, and the gold would be deleted from the player’s inventory when something is sold to the store. No buy-back options, lets keep it simple.

I am willing to pay paypal or crypto for your services. You can distribute the project at will, regardless.
Below is the interface where the shop would be placed.

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Welcome to the boards. :slight_smile:

That’s a neat background image.

What you ask is reasonably involved, and if I had the time, I would possibly take a look for you … for free. However, I am already too busy with my own project for now.

That said, you may find with a little guidance, you may be able to do something yourself. After all, I would say running a PW is an involved task itself, implying you have a degree of competency.

I have written a couple of tutorials that may help you …



Maybe looking through them you may be encouraged to look at the official NWN2 GUIs and scripts and consider having a go yourself … if and until anyone may be able to offer more direct help.

I have found there is nothing better than passion for a project as the driving factor to success.

Anyway, all the best, and ask questions if you try to put something together. Also, keep an eye open for someone responding who may well have more time and offer more for you.

As a last resource, you can always download my own module, The Scroll, where I have made many alterations to existing GUIs. Maybe you can look through the scripts and code to see how to make some of those alterations you have in mind.



@Lance_Botelle Thank you kindly, Lance. I appreciate the response. Thanks for taking the time to provide some helpful information, I’ll take a gander at those links and see if there’s anything I can use. :slight_smile:

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