How you know I'm a thief?!

I remember several instances where I pickpocketed items from some people, usually merchants, and for whatever reason, those items always ended up being not viable for sale, whether for magically having zero worth to every merchant ever or just having a block that prevents them from being sold because they’re “stolen”. (I mean yeah it is, but how do they know that?)

Did anybody else have that kind of problem? If so, what kind of fix do you know for it, if there’s any?

afaik every item will be flagged as stolen automatically after being pickpocketed. only black market stores will buy such items. you only have to set the black market flag of your custom store to true to “fix” this. there’s also a price percentage value which can be set.

alternatively you can alter the default script to open stores (ga_open_store.nss) to cycle through all the items in posession setting the stolen flag to false. this could be combined with various checks to determine if your characters are known thiefs for example, or if the merchant in question could possibly know about the theft.

Figured the black market flag had something to do with it.

What about the items that have zero worth in coins, though?

that is because the plot flag is set, which can be removed by script, or because the item’s worth is actually set to zero. there’s no setgoldpiecevalue funtion so the latter can’t be changed at runtime.

So it isn’t because the black market sell percentage is set to 0?

could be too, but the default is at 100. just open the toolset and look up the store.

I’ve checked every store in the OC the other day, and the default for the BM% was 0.