Humongous Texture Library

By Humongous I mean the download itself is 1.99 GigaBytes in size. So you may want to consider if you really want it before downloading it :innocent:.


403 PBR textures (403 .mtr files + 2054 TGA files)
41 Wallpapers
7 Oily Films (will probably benefit from having their opacity reduced)

Total Number of included files & folders - 2500+
Extracted (from the 7z archive) size of the package - 2.89 Gigabytes
55 folders

The PBR files for all textures are Diffuse, Specular, Normal, Height and Roughness. Additionally, a small number have Glow maps too. Each of the PBR Textures were com[posed by eye using ShaderMap 4.

If you do download it please read all the *.txt documents and I would really appreciate feedback so that I can improve on PBR texture creation as I am still learning. While I am quite confident that I know what I am doing when creating matt textures, I am not so sure where any reflectiveness/glossiness is concerned. Anyway the download is -

Kamalโ€™s Texture Project Reworked for NwN EE (aka Colossal Texture Library)