I am trying to add a spell as property

Hello, I am making new spells and I cant’ seems to link them as property yo a scroll in the toolset.

Anyone knows how to make the toolset list new spells / Feat or whatever as property that could be assigned to an item ?

Thanks for any response.

pretty sure you have to add a row for the spell/ip in Iprp_Spells.2da

it’s not enought for beeing able to see it and add it in the toolset, it allows to add it via script.

Something still missing

worked for me

I just threw a line into Iprp_Spells.2da and gave it a STRREF 182148 “Succubus{summoned}”


edit: It could be something like the “UserType” on the Spells.2da row …


Ok I made it work.

For it to work, the tlk entry must not be empty.

The TLK entry must not be in a custom tlk file but in dialog.tlk, for this functionality the toolset doesn 't access the custom tlk file

The TLK file read by the toolset is the TLK in the instalation folder not the one in the document folder.

Thanks for the help it allowed me to reduce greatly the time of investigations.