I can't delete a spell, any ideas?

Hello, I’ve been wiping out all healing sort of spells for clerics in the 2da by putting **** in the area for cleric on spells that I don’t want to have available but one is evading me and I don’t know if it’s a class thing or whether it is somewhere else I have to wipe it.

The proposed character is a favoured soul that can only do harmful things and a few minor buffs like bulls strength etc. I’ve even added some arcane spells that are nasty to the cleric list but I can’t get rid of one spell which is protection from alignment.

I went through the 2da and found the spell which has four versions, good, evil, lawful, chaos and gave them the **** treatment for clerics but it still comes up in the list when you level up. Is this because it’s a spell that you can choose different alignments when it’s selected and is the one to delete elsewhere as I can’t find it, or is it a favoured soul thing that comes with the class ?

Any ideas ?

In the same row of one of those protection from alignment spells, find the column that says Master, that’s the actual spell that you use, you need to find that one and changed it.

Chofranc… Thank you I will investigate it later when my eyes feel ready for looking at confusing text !

Many thanks Chofranc I found it and it’s now gone from available spells. I just realised this is in the wrong forum so sorry about that everybody !